Wiindows virtualization at its best

Dexpot is an excellent, free virtualization app for Windows PCs. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • HIghly configurable
  • Password protection
  • Rules wizard
  • Create up to 20 desktops!


  • None so far


Dexpot is an excellent, free virtualization app for Windows PCs.

So what will virtualization do for you? Well, many people use it as a way of maximizing space and efficiency while undertaking multiple tasks at once. Dexpot does this by allowing you to create various virtual desktops – clones of your normal desktop that are accessed with a simple click.

Dexpot allows you to create up to 20 desktops, making it particularly suitable for power users. Imagine you’re trying to edit photos and copy files at the same time. Simply use Dexpot’s configuration to create 2 virtual desktops, do the editing in one, and neatly “file away” the copying to the second, which will be maintained out of sight.

This virtualization app has some great configuration options that make sure each desktop is tweaked just to your liking. You can change the desktop’s resolution, set a notification for when you come in or out, password-protect it and even customize each desktop’s appearance. Dexpot also lets you tweak overall options, like how to control and visualize switching between desktops and creating rules for automated behaviors.

A lot of thought and attention has obviously gone into Dexpot, meaning that an app that is obviously very useful is also a pleasure to use. We recommend taking a look at the configuration options before you start, and always bear in mind that apps like Dexpot maximize your space, not your memory, so don’t expect it to facilitate any multi-app miracles!

Looking for a desktop virtualization app? Download Dexpot without delay – it’s fantastic!


  • Dynamic Taskbar Reordering on Windows 7
  • New title bar action "Close on all desktops"
  • New Farsi translation
  • Russian translation update
  • Fixed preselection of last loaded profile
  • Title bar actions using the right mouse button set window focus
  • Certain programs were missing system menu entries
  • Common Controls message boxes were obscured by splash screen
  • Fixed window roll-up on 64-bit systems
  • "Show icons of active windows" ignores Desktop Manager tooltips
  • Added Spotify shadow to ignore list
  • Fixed minor Window Catalog bug

Dexpot turns your monitor into up to 20. It creates and manages virtual desktops and enables you to work far more efficiently and comfortably with many simultaneously opened windows on Windows